ads consultancy

Bedford Square


Bloomsbury, London WC1


Major refurbishment of existing five storey Grade I listed house constructed circa 1780, and four storey rear mews house.


The existing main load bearing masonry spine wall of the main building has settled over the years and required strengthening by introducing a series of mass concrete underpins below the existing undersized brick corbelled foundations. Strengthening, levelling and tying of existing timber floor structures, including plate bonding strengthening of existing main oak timber binder beams throughout.


Construction of new two storey link block, connecting existing main front house to the rear mews house. The link block was constructed with a steel framed first floor structure and structural toughened and laminated, doubled glazed structural two storey external wall and roof structures.


General refurbishment and structural alterations to existing rear mews house. Existing timber floors strengthened as required and strapped and tied to existing beams and perimeter load bearing masonry walls.



GIA: circa 1,100m²/ 12,000f





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