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Elmore Street


Islington, London N1


New build four storey mixed  residential and commercial use building including a new basement throughout the footprint of the building.


New cantilevered steel sheet pile retaining walls and mass concrete underpinning of adjoining party walls were required as part of the temporary works to form the basement excavation. The steel sheet piles had been designed as free standing and as such no temporary propping was required to the basement excavation.


A reinforced concrete basement box and reinforced concrete framed super structure with cast in situ flat slabs had been specified. Isolated reinforced concrete balconies on  proprietary thermal break connectors were also adopted to prevent thermal bridging of external elements to the internal fabric of the building.


The reinforced concrete super structure is clad in a combination of facing brickwork masonry, supported on stainless steel masonry support angles around the perimeter of the building, and folded zinc cladding panels. A green roof has been installed to the main flat roof of the building.


A new internal reinforced concrete staircase with frameless structural glass balustrades were installed, as well as frameless structural glass balustrades to the external balconies.



GIA: circa 1,000m²/ 10,750ft²





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