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Shepherdess Walk


Hoxton, London N1


Major refurbishment, remodelling and strengthening works of  an existing six storey office building.


The works required the introduction of a new steel framed lift shaft and staircase through the existing building from basement up to roof level. The lift pit was constructed in reinforced concrete and required the partial underpinning of party wall to accommodate the excavation and construction of the new lift pit.


An existing staircase serving all the floors was demolished and infilled with usable floor space. The existing timber floors were all strengthened as required due to increased proposed loadings and also areas of poor existing floor structure were extensively repaired. All floors were installed with new galvanised steel restraint straps to tie all the joists, internal beams and perimeter load bearing masonry walls together as required by building regulations.


Strengthening of existing concrete filler joist roof structure to accommodate roof plant loading with retro-fitted carbon fibre plate reinforcing.


Introduction of new steel framed ground floor entrance area and platform lift to accommodate varied floor areas between existing pavement and ground floor level.




GIA: circa 1,850m²/ 20,000ft²





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